July Product Quick Hit

It’s still July and we are launching another update!  WHAT!?!  Yes.  Now, another interesting July fact.  The official birthstone for July is the ravishing red Ruby. Cool right?  It’s associated with devotion, integrity, courage and happiness.  Does that remind you of anybody?  Starts with an F….

So, what’s in this release?  Take a look.

Feature Updates

Bug Fixes

    • Fix Mobile App Sign Up (missing 2nd password field)
    • Stop credit card pending notification being sent again after financial info updated
    • Fix UI for shareable switch on packages
    • Fix sorting on Customer list
    • Add new user as a lead from the portal after they abandon booking
    • Add the Type column to customer list export CSV file
    • Don’t decrement a package when booking $0 drop in price sessions
    • Don’t show a drop in price on client session profile when drop in price is turned off