The Customer Experience in a Small Fitness Business

Imagine you’ve just been seated in your favorite restaurant. Perhaps the waiter greets you by name and remembers your drink order. The familiar smells excite your senses and add to the anticipation of your meal. When the manager comes around to ensure that you’re enjoying your meal, your mouth is too full to respond with anything other than a smile and a nod. This kind of rapport is what customers build with their preferred brands. It starts out as a pleasant experience and transforms into brand loyalty that will keep the restaurant in business. If you own a fitness studio, you’re in the same position as your favorite restaurant. Your company must provide great customer experience to win the loyalty of customers. This can be achieved in many ways, but good fitness studio software will get you started.

The Meaning of the Customer Experience

We live and work in a consumer-driven economy which dictates that every business should establish a digital presence. The main purpose of taking your business online is to give consumers basic details about your business. Potential clients need to know who you are, where you are and what you offer. It’s also beneficial to add content that helps customers build a base of knowledge around your industry. For instance, you might post content on hot stone massages, diet, meditation or outdoor activity to engage your customers. Introduce your fitness and lifestyle-conscious audience to events and opportunities that speak to them. In the customer’s mind, this will connect your business with what they value. 

Building Your Brand

So, you know that you need a website and that you must continuously add relevant content. How does the site help you reach customers and build a brand? We came across a useful webinar by Luke Williams, Head of Customer Experience (CX) at Qualtrics, on the Harvard Business Review website. He observed that the key differentiation is CX, which refers to when consumers interact with a company. This could be a mom shopping online for clothes or calling a satellite provider to complain about a weak connection.

What You Can Do

Certainly, you should focus on building better customer experiences with the people you greet every day at your studio. Create a way for clients to book training sessions online and allow them to view their schedules on their phones. It’s smart to invest money in building a website and app that will help make your customers’ lives easier. After all, the workout should be the hard part. It sounds overwhelming, but some perks can be offered easily by choosing the right software. There are many different fitness studio software options available to choose from but finding the one that offers the services you need will provide a big boost in customer experience.

Branding is Important

You might be thinking right now that your business isn’t a “brand” and you won’t need to devote as many resources to customer experience. That might be true, but a relatively small investment in your online presence could make a big difference in how customers perceive and interact with your business. It may take a bit of trial and error, but there are fitness studio software available to gym and studio owners for free or for a small subscription fee.

For more details about improving customer experiences in your small fitness operation, consider scheduling a demo or cut to the chase and sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial with Fitli.