Fitli uses Bidsketch to send proposals for our Fitness Website service

Would you believe me if I told you I have seen almost every Fitness Website in the United States?  Probably not all, but you can imagine I’ve seen quite a few as I’m following sales leads, doing demos, and helping customers launch on Fitli.   We also know that our customer base is very cost conscious and does not have much free time to try to build and manage their own website.  The options for a new website range from very cheap and/or free (do it yourself 100%) to very expensive custom options. We decided we could offer a better option and Fitli Digital was created to deliver a great Fitness Website service.

As you can imagine, selling a website project is very different from selling scheduling software.  There are many different project options, fee categories, and a need for a project specific contract that covers the challenges associated with this type of project.  

The Old Traditional Way

Of course, we could have just taken one of the many online proposal document templates and used that.  It would work, but it would be fairly laborious to customize each proposal. Changing company and project names, deleting unneeded sections, updating the proposed fees, adding new fees and verbiage along the way and creating new templates..  all these things take time.

Then, of course, the next step would be to print the proposal as a PDF and email it to the potential client.  Then you wait around wondering if they have viewed your proposal.  Eventually, if and when they reviewed it…. and responded with changes, we’d have to open up the Word doc, edit the changes, reprint as a new PDF and send again.  Then wait and wonder again. If and when they decided to accept the proposal, they would need to print the document, sign it, scan it, then send it back and we’d need to do the same.

Finally, we’d need to make sure we store that signed copy of the document in a folder in our Google Drive setup.

 So that is one option for this process.  If we stuck with that approach, it would be much harder to sell a Fitness Website.  Not ideal. There is a better way and we were lucky enough to find and use a product called Bidsketch.

The Newer Better Way

Bidsketch, simply put, automates all of those steps I described above. If you are going to be creating, tracking, and storing multiple proposals, you should use this tool.  So what is the process like with Bidsketch?

First of all, the setup is something you only have to do once.  It’s pretty straightforward. They already have several templates to choose from to start your proposal.  That is very helpful. After choosing a template, you can start editing. You can follow the pre-set format of the template or change it as you like.  You create all your various types of project options and fee options which can then be added or removed with the click of a button. Then you add your logo into the system so your proposal document and portal reflect your brand.  Everything looks clean and professional.

When you’re ready to submit your first proposal, you simply create a new customer by entering their basic contact info.  Then, generate a proposal. The customer specific info is populated throughout the document. So, then you simply need to choose any project and fee options.

That’s it!  The proposal is ready to go and the process to send and iterate is super easy too.  When you are ready, you simply ‘Submit’ the proposal to your potential customer. You can customize the message they receive.  It also includes a link for them to view and download the document. One of the best parts? You can see if/when they view the document.  They can leave comments and questions within the application. Then, when the time is right, they and you can accept and sign the proposal document.  No need to save it in a drive somewhere. It’s stored and visible to you and the client right there in the portal.

All of this simplification and automation means I can send many more proposals than if I were doing it the manual way.  More proposals mean more customers are hiring Fitli to build their Fitness Website. If you have a business that sends proposals for work, I strongly recommend you check out Bidsketch at your earliest opportunity.