10 Features Essential To Your Fitness Business Software

One of the most important things to remember when running your own studio is that no two business software solutions are created equally. Your fitness business software is one of the most powerful, functional tools that you will use daily to run the type of organization you always dreamed of – IF it has the features necessary to empower you to do exactly that. There are ten features in particular to watch out for that are ESSENTIAL to your business that you’ll need to be aware of moving forward.

We Live in a Mobile World – Don’t Forget It

According to Smart Insights, an incredible 80% of all active Internet users in the U.S. own a smartphone as of 2016. When you consider that 47% also own a tablet, the implications are clear: the mobile platform is quickly becoming the most popular way for users to interact with just about everything that has to do with the Internet – including your studio.

If your website and apps are not mobile, you are missing a whole segment of customers. The ability to run mobile applications is one of the most important features for fitness business software in today’s world.

Not Just Pay – EASY Pay

According to Statista, non-traditional payment methods are on the rise – PayPal’s annual mobile payment volume is approximately $66 billion alone. Furthermore, the total number of users who will embrace mobile payment and similar types of transactions with open arms will number 23.2 million people by 2019. The key takeaway from this is that by giving customers more options in the payment process you are expanding your customer base and providing a superior experience at the same time.

Great Service, No Exceptions

With business software like fitli, you’re letting customers interact with your studio how then want, when they want. If they want to check their account or view payment records, they can without any interaction from you. However, if they DO need a deeper, more personal level of interaction, your software should be able to provide that, too.

Communication is King

If you have a great new offer or Tuesday night’s class is canceled due to a sudden snowstorm, this is information your clients need to know. The right business software solution should allow you to quickly and easily send mass or even individual communications with just a few quick clicks of a button, always keeping that two-way connection between yourself and your customers open.

Help People FIND What They Need

Potential customers are looking for a solution that you can provide – the problem is that this doesn’t do anyone any good if they can’t find you in the first place. Your software should make it easier than ever for customers to find you much more easily thanks to Web and mobile app integration.

Booking Has Never Been Easier

Make no mistake: if a customer wants to look at available sessions and book one with your studio, they should be able to do so as quickly as possible. If your fitness business software doesn’t allow this, you’re creating a barrier between you and the customer that doesn’t need to be there. Your software needs to allow for online booking.

Payment Features

Once your customers book, they should also be able to pay in advance for those classes or other services instantly. Your software needs to be able to integrate all methods of payment available. That means no more swipes and more time focusing on the other aspects of your business.

People Want to Share. Let Them.

When people have a good experience with a business like a fitness business, they want to tell their friends and family about it. It’s human nature. Your fitness business software should let you take full advantage providing a place to write reviews and ratings about your business and the professionals on your staff.

Scheduling Benefits

From an internal perspective, scheduling for a fitness business owner can take up a lot of time. Your software should also give you control over scheduling your staff, personal trainers, and class instructors. Do they need to see how many people are signed up for a certain class? Do they need to make a change to a session or shift a class backwards or forwards a half hour? Your software should allow your studio managers and the professionals on your staff to manage their own schedule alleviating some burden from management. If your fitness business software doesn’t allow you to do this, you’re missing out.

Reporting: The Friend You Never Knew You Needed

In the digital world in which we now live, data alone isn’t the secret to success – actionable data is. Too many reports and too much data can overwhelm a small business owner when they don’t have much time. Your software should keep it simple and provide the most important reports needed to run a business. Your software should provide the right type of report at the time you want.

If you’d like to find out more information about the features your fitness business software NEEDS to give you the competitive advantage you’re looking for, or if you’re interested in finding out more about how fitli may just be the solution you’ve been searching for, please feel free to contact us today.