It seems like everybody is at the beach, but who says you can’t work from the beach.  It’s not our biggest update, but we have a few things for you.

User Experience Improvements

We are always looking for wasy to make the system easier and more efficient to use. Sometimes that means complete redesigns. Other times, we can make a few simple tweaks that make a difference. This time around we have made a few things clickable that weren’t before.  Things like customer names and email addresses.  Anything to save you time. Don’t worry.  We do have some big stuff coming.  It’s just around the corner.

Squashing Bugs

We hate it when things don’t work as planned, but that is the nature of the beast when it comes to software; especially in this new dynamic environment of constant change. Sometimes you find them. Sometimes we find them. Either way, we prioritize them and work on them as quickly as we can. This release had quite a few fixes. Hopefully you didn’t even realized there was anything to fix.

Notification Communications

We send lots of email communications to your customers. They get them when they buy… when they book… and for reminders. You can even send custom messages about  your class.  Until now, if they tried to reply to those messages, they came to us.  We sent them on to you, but it’s not really our ambition to be a go-between.  So, this change is as much for us as it is for you.  When a customer responds to one of those emails, it will go directly to the email address on your business profile.

Booking Updates

This won’t effect all of you, but those of you who use unlimited auto-renew memberships will be happy. Previously, when a customer was getting close to renewal and they would try to book a future session, they were not able to because their current membership had not renewed yet. We have added a 1 month grace period so they can book out into the future. It is important to note that if they cancel before renewal and after booking into the next month, those classes won’t auto-cancel. That’s on the list for the future.
Another update that some of you have been asking for relates to the notification emails that get sent when you are booking a customer.  Many of you add them in after the fact to true up your records.  When customers get those notifications AFTER a class has happened, it can cause confusion. So, we will no longer send booking notifications to customers when you are booking them into a session that has already ocurred… unless it also involves a payment/purchase.

Don’t forget.  Save money with our new Annual Billing option

Many of you may still be on a Free Trial.  Others are on a Monthly Billing Plan.  We are introducing Annual pricing.  Of course, you save money by going Annual. So, if you are pretty happy and expect to be with us a while, the Annual Plan may be a good option.  See the Annual Pricing options at the Pricing Section of the website. Then, if interested, just send a message to to let us know you’d like to change.