First of all, I want to thank everybody for being patient.  Our visible product updates have been not as frequent as before.  That is because we have been putting significant effort toward stability of the platform.  Fitli is growing and while growth is wonderful, it also presents new challenges due to increased demands on the system.  This is a good problem to have, but it does distract from the more sexy stuff.  There is much in process, but we didn’t want you to wait any longer so we released a few of the completed updates.  More to come.

Details about the new Fitli Product Updates

Reporting Enhancements

This is the first in a series of ongoing product updates to the reports.  We started with the Sales Report and will follow up with updates to each of the other reports.  New reports are also planned.  Version 1 of a Purchase History Report launched.  It’s a first draft and a few tweaks are already on the way.

New Fitli Sales Report Enhancements

Here is what’s new in the Sales Report:

  1. Location: We have made the Sales Report the default report when you click on the ‘Reports’ section.  One less click to get to your favorite report.
  2. Sort: All of the columns are now sortable.  Simply click on the column header to switch back and forth between Ascending and Descending
  3. Search: Search the whole report. Simply type in a full or partial key word and click ‘Search’.  The report filters to show your results.  If you export at this point, you will received an exported CSV file of the filtered results.
  4. Clickable Data: Certain data is now clickable.  You can tell which ones are actionable because they are blue.  Clicking on a customer name will take you to their customer profile.  Clicking on an email will initiate an email on your own email application.
  5. Preview: Clicking on package or session names will show you more details about those items.
  6. Promo: We now include a Promo column on the report. You can see any applied promo codes and the discount applied.  We also changed the Sale column title to Net Sale in order to reflect the deduction of the promo.

We’ve started with the most popular report and will be doing similar updates for all the rest.

Click to see more about the Purchase History Report for Clients (Personal Accounts).

Customer Profile Tweaks

We are still working hard on some very big product updates to the Customer Profile.  However, we have made a few small enhancements already that should make life a little bit easier and improve the user experience.

Update customer profiles
  1. Edit Contact Info: The first change is to allow a business user to edit the contact info fields on behalf of clients that have created a Fitli account (this is already possible for those who have not created their own Fitli account).  You can change everything except the email address.  Clients still have access to update this info as well.  Click here to read more about this in our online FAQ.
  2. Hide Expired Balances: The next update is a User Experience improvement.  You can either Hide or Show Expired Balances.  All the old expired packages/sessions will be hidden by default, but you can view them easily with a quick click. Click here to learn more about hiding expired balances.
As I mentioned, there is much more to come in the Customer Profile.  Pretty soon a business user will be able to edit the session quantity and expiration dates directly.  Then, we are implementing the much anticipated Relationships / Family functionality.  Stay tuned. It’s in development as we speak.

Stability Enhancements

Much of the heavy effort over the last few months has been in areas where you won’t be able to see any obvious changes.  Fitli is growing and while growth is wonderful, it also presents new challenges due to increased demands on the system.  This is a good problem to have.  We understand that you rely on the Fitli platform to run your businesses and we take that seriously.  So, we’ve made several Stability Enhancements to ensure that the system keeps running 24/7.  This includes changes to our hardware, updates to the architecture of the software, and associated changes to the mobile app.  Hopefully, you won’t notice a thing. 🙂

As always, we want to thank you for being a Fitli customer.  We truly appreciate all of you.

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