It seems like 2018 just started, but here we are in 2019.  I have a couple things to share.  First, I wanted to let you know that we are finalizing our roadmap for 2019 now and I’ll share more on that in the coming days.  For right now, however, we want to start the year off right so we’re dropping a new release tonight around 10pm CDT.   It’s been four long months since the last one, but I think it will be worth it.

The biggest change coming in this release is the all new Relationships feature, but as always, we have layered in several smaller updates based on your feedback.  These include reporting changes, user experience enhancements, updates to the customer list, and ‘don’t ask again’ for reviews. Read more below

Details about the new Fitli Product Updates


Life is about to get a whole lot easier.  The new Relationships functionality will allow you to add your clients friends and family onto a single account.  Once you set packages to shareable, they can purchase and share those packages amongst the group.  You can book them all into classes and appointments and, generally, treat them like any other account.

No more making your clients create an account for each person in the family.  No more trying to allocate packages between those accounts.

We will be turning this feature on for a small group at first, then opening it up to everybody.  If you are interested in turning this on now, drop us a note at or via chat.  There is still room, but not for long.


We’ve updated the sales report with the last 2 digits of the card used for purchase, added a location field to the CSV export, and we now show the name of the attendee in the reports (this was necessary due to the new relationships feature).


We’ve made many of our buttons more mobile friendly, and added the ability for all our pull down menus to be selected using the keyboard.  No more having to scroll, just start typing and the menu will jump to what you’re choosing! We’ve also added a slew of new relevant info to the ‘Make Purchase’ flow and redesigned the client view of session profile.

Make Purchase Flow

Client Session Profile


We have added your clients sign up date along with improved search (by date range) and sort capability.


Several of you have requested the option to turn off reviews for your clients. We’ve added a ‘Don’t ask again’ option so clients can turn them off the first time and never see it again.


Within the next couple days we will also be releasing updates to the iOS mobile application which support the changes above.  Specifically, we’ve made several updates for Relationships to allow your clients to manage the bookings for their relationships.  Also, we’ve updated the user experience to indicate if one person or multiple people are booked into a given class and included the clients attendees in the session profile  Lastly, we made the appropriate updates to enable the ‘Don’t Ask Again’ for reviews.

My Schedule List – New Icons

Client Session Profile – Attendee(s) shown