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October means mug after mug of warm coffee with our heads buried in our workstations and fingers flying across the keyboard to bring you exciting new updates. As we slowly head into a new year, there is much that still needs to be done and a lot is already in motion. Luckily, we have ticked off some important things on our (and hopefully, your) list!

Feature Updates

Refund Updates

Minor Customer List Updates

Behind-the-scenes for New Payments Processor

‘Hide From Public’ Toggle for Class Scheduling

Let’s look at them in detail.

Refund Updates

Refunds have just gotten a bit more functional and intuitive! You’ve always been able to request refunds on your sales report but what if you want to refund the transaction via a method different from the original purchase? Or perhaps you’re looking to complete an additional partial refund on a transaction? It’s going to be a smooth ride now. Here’s how: 

  • Refund Request Modal

You can easily request client refunds by heading to your Sales Report. Under the Sales Report, identify the transaction you wish to refund and click the ‘Refund’ button on the right side of that transaction. 

Clicking it will open a ‘Request a Refund’ popup window where you’ll enter the details and confirm the refund request.

As for the refund method, you can only refund via card if the original mode of payment was a card. But all card transactions can be refunded as Cash, Check, Gift Card/Certificate or other. So, if you prefer to offer cash, write a check, or provide a gift card as a refund, you can easily choose to do that.  

  • Reverse Associated Balances

Fitli now allows you to automatically cancel an auto-renewing membership, expire any account balance and withdraw the customer from any upcoming bookings associated with the purchase being refunded with a simple flip of the switch.

Turn ON the ‘Reverse Associated Balances’ toggle and your client will be withdrawn from any upcoming sessions related to the particular package you’re refunding without you having to go back and manually do it from your client’s account. Saves time and effort. Just what you need when the season gets busy.

  • Sales Report Update related to Refund

Once the refund has been made, your Sales Report will be updated to reflect the refund. The updated Sales Report will display each refund in a new line with full refund details available. The dollar amount refunded shows up in red. You’ll also find the gross and net sales amount adjusted for the refund at the top part of your Sales Report. 

  • Refund History

You can now take a quick look at the refund details by clicking the ‘Refund History’ icon appearing next to the transaction.

A popup will appear showing you the amount refunded and the refund notes that you entered at the time of submitting the request. It will also show you if you chose to reverse associated balances.

  • Client Purchase History Report Update related to Refund

We will also update your client’s purchase history to reflect the refund. All they need to do is head to their Personal profile on the web and click the ‘Reports’ section. On the left-hand menu, if they go to ‘Purchase History’, they can see their purchases as well as any refunds that have been issued to them.

You can find an in-depth, step-by-step guide to requesting client refunds here.

Minor Customer List Updates

Previously, you could only see the total number of your customers by exporting the list. It’s a little thing but we know how this can be a hassle sometimes. We have made identifying the total number of customers super easy for you. You can now find the count of active and inactive customers at the top right of your customer list.

Behind-the-scenes Infrastructure for New Payments Processor

As we shared with you in one of our previous updates, we’re switching to a new payment processor. A lot has been going on behind the scenes and we’re currently making big infrastructural changes for the new payment processor. 

These big changes in the near future will involve a full migration of data.  We will be securely exporting/importing all active cardholder data from the old system to the new system. This will happen as close to the final cutover as possible. 

Once all the basic components for payment processing in the new system are built and tested, we will, after ample warning, flip the switch. In the meantime, we’re taking every step to make the transition smooth and seamless for you. 

‘Hide From Public’ Toggle for Class Scheduling 

Have a class that you’re still working on? Or maybe you’re still in the process of building a calendar and don’t really want to share it with your clients. No worries. You can easily hide your scheduled classes now with just a toggle button. 

You can either create or edit an existing class-type service in Admin. To do that, head over to the ‘Services’ section under ‘Products & Services’ and click ‘Add Service’ or ‘Edit’ button shown beside an existing service. 

On the Add/Edit Service screen you will find a ‘Hide From Public’ toggle button towards the bottom of the screen. Toggle this to Yes and click on ‘Save’.

To add this class to your schedule, choose the service, professional, facility, and select the date and time for the class. . Finally, toggle the ‘Hide From Public?’ toggle to Yes, and click ‘Create Class’ at the bottom. Remember that the ‘Hide From Public’ toggle will appear here only if it has been enabled for that particular service in Admin. 

You will still be able to see your classes on the Business Calendar but your clients will not be able to see the class on the public calendar. Note: If you’ve shared a direct link to the class with your clients, they will be able to view and book the class by clicking on the link. 

If you have any confusion, here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

We hope that you’re as excited about the new changes as we are and more importantly, we hope that it makes your experience of the platform that much more convenient. We’ll be here working hard to keep bringing you new functionality that helps you run your business better.