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Fitli Product Updates – July 2022

It’s time for a some quick product updates. We have had our heads down focused on some big changes mentioned in an earlier post. Along the way we are also making some smaller changes. Enjoy!

Obviously, the big topic is the payments changes. The best way to describe what we are doing here is to imagine replacing the engine of a plane while you are actually flying it.  OK. That is a little dramatic, but it kind of feels that way.  We are absolutely dead set on making the change as seamless as possible so that means lots and lots of testing.  For that reason, it’s taking longer than we hoped, but I’d rather move slow and deliver quality than move too fast and cause major issues for your business.  We are just about ready to start onboarding to the new processor, but still at least 2-3 months from full go live.

The other thing we are doing (and I should say we have done) is to upgrade the infrastructure.  I know that doesn’t mean much to most of you, but it’s a massive effort and what it ensures is that all the hardware supporting the application you run your business on is the newest, fastest, most robust we can afford.  This kind of thing needs to be done every couple of years to stay up to date.

Lastly, aside from the big changes, we are implementing as many small product updates as we can along the way.  This post will include a list of all the changes we have made since the last update.  Some may have been out there a while and some may have just launched.

Most of these are linked to an FAQ article on the Fitli Support site.  Click to view more details and please feel free to reach out with any questions.