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Tips to Find More Customers For Your Gym

It can be hard to find new customers when you own a gym. Many people already have a gym that they love so it can be hard to compete, especially when you are first starting out. However, even as you grow, there is a big competition between gyms. More and more gym owners are trying […]

Using Your Smartphone For Tennis

The smartphone has revolutionized how we do business and organize our lives. Here at Fitli we believe that being mobile-friendly is the key to success and can be applied to every aspect of your life. In this post we look at how the smartphone can be used to enhance one of the world’s most popular sports: […]

Fitli Product Updates – May 2017

I’ve worked at a big Silicon Valley tech company and I know lots of people who do.  Those companies believe they know what everybody needs.  They think they are smarter and more visionary. They like to quote Steve Jobs when he said “…sometimes people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”  Even if […]

The Itch — What Drove Us to Create Fitli?

All good startups originate from the itch… also known as unsolved problems. Maybe I heard that somewhere before. I don’t know, but it seems appropriate. If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, those little itches drive you nuts. You make lists of the itches you can’t seem to scratch. Yeah, sounds kind of ADD. I […]

5 Hurdles Fitness & Wellness Business Owners Commonly Face

Running a business is never easy. It has its own set of challenges that can throw even the most seasoned business owner off their mark. Even with an ideal location, great clients, and top-of-the-line equipment, there will be challenges to overcome for longterm success. If you’re in the fitness business long enough, you’ll likely face a few of these common challenges: […]

Credit Card Chargebacks = Negative Energy

If you run a small business and accept credit cards, you know what I mean. You’re just going along working your butt off trying to build your business and provide great service to customers and one day you get a friendly notification from your processor. “The following transaction has been charged back by the cardholder […]

Think Like A Customer: 5 Things Your Potential Members Think About When Evaluating A New Studio

It is no surprise that excellent customer service is paramount to engaging and keeping studio members engaged and loyal.  In order to deliver a great customer experience, a business owner needs to think like a customer — regardless of whether you’re running a yoga studio or a Fortune 500 company. Thinking like a customer is important in every […]

Why Being Mobile-Friendly Can Be The Key To Unlock Success

It’s no secret these days — a business that doesn’t have a website optimized for mobile or an app might as well be invisible in today’s competitive marketplace. Mobile applications allow businesses to stay engaged with customers and employees, enjoy streamlined marketing and online payment options, and ultimately benefit the business’ bottom line. When it […]