January 2014
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"My customers and team love the new way to view our schedule and book classes.  What a great decision to implement fitli."
- Don Carpenter, Owner at Select Fitness
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Why we exist

fitli was founded with a singular purpose in mind... to make it easier for people to get fit and stay fit... both mind and body.

And how do we intend to do that?

fitli is a marketplace for fitness and wellness services.  This marketplace benefits both buyers and sellers in many way.

Buyers (aka Consumers)

As a buyer, you receive a simple, convenient way to find, book, and buy services.  Use our comprehensive search capabilities to find exactly what you're looking for... read reviews, view prices, times, and other options... then book and pay instantly with a click or tap.

It doesn't stop there.  Once  you have that perfect trainer, studio, or class that you attend regularly, easily manage your schedule, communicate, and repurchase additional sessions in a flash.

Sellers (aka Businesses)

As a business, you get access to powerful business management software that will take your business online and mobile in minutes with access to a completely new marketing channel.  Set up your schedule and your inventory of services (classes, sessions, etc.) are findable and searchable by Buyers in your area.  Your existing customers get a simpler way to interact with you and you save valuable time not processing payments, booking reservations, or reminding customers about an upcoming class.

What's next?

We are working tirelessly to improve the features and functionality to make it ever easier for buyers and sellers to interact.  We are also working very hard to expand the marketplace by adding new buyers and sellers.