Fund your business with Kabbage. It’s an amazingly simple process. A truly great product.

At Fitli, we endeavor to provide a great product and great experiences. It’s an endless obsession.

But how does a founder assess or score ones self?  Of course, customer satisfaction is the #1 way. But, as we are continuously improving, there has to be a benchmark.

While Fitli is a service provider, we are also a service consumer.  We use a long list of products and services in our day to day work to build, maintain, market, sell, and support this thing we call Fitli.  Just like the process most of you went through to select Fitli, we have done that over and over again for things like helpdesk software, email marketing software, collaboration platforms, and mundane things like our banking partners.


With that in mind, I thought we could help you by sharing what we have learned. Starting with this post, I’ll be introducing you to several of the products and services we have found to be exceptional.  Eventually, I hope to post a partner page on our website so you can benefit from our experiences easily and efficiently.

Our first partner I’m going to share with you is Kabbage.  They focus on small business short term lending.  This may sound odd, but it’s one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had related to borrowing money.  Beautiful is not a term most would relate to a financial services company.  But, it’s the term I use because the process and the engagement with them is so simple and easy.

minimum requirements

What’s so easy about it?  Well, you simply link up several of your accounts including things like your bank account (of course), social, google analytics, accounting software, etc. Based on the data in your accounts, they make a funding decision and nearly instantly offer you a line of credit (assuming you qualify).  Then, you decide how much you need, review the loan details which are automatically generated, and submit.

Funds are in your bank account within 24 hrs.  Payments are automated.  Boom!

It’s not cheap money. But sometimes speed is worth it.

Don’t just take my word for it. If you find yourself in need of a short term business loan either to get through the Coronapocalypse or any other reason, check out Kabbage.

Full disclosure. If you use the link I provide in this post, you get $50 upon approval. I also receive a referral bonus. That aside, I stand by everything I’ve said above about Kabbage. I would not recommend a product unless I truly thing it’s great.